Lynne Goldberg: Coping with Coronavirus Through Meditation

Although she may not be front and center in the sports world, Lynne Goldberg has mindfulness and meditation tips that can help anyone “get in the zone” and relieve stress using the Breethe mediation app she co-founded. 

“What we’re trying to do is to help people with their everyday lives,” Goldberg said. “We give [meditation] to them in bite-sized pieces.”

The Breethe app recently released a free “Inner Wellness During Coronavirus” package to help people cope with the uncertainty that many are currently facing. She discusses the specific scenarios Breethe offers like the middle of the night worries, fear of illness, and meditations tailored for caretakers. 

“If I can learn to meditate, anyone can learn to meditate,” Goldberg said. “Our brains are a muscle and the more you [meditate], the more you develop neuropathways and the ability to sit still.”

Goldberg explains that meditation is an exercise in surrender and allowing feelings – no matter how unpleasant – to wash over ourselves. She adds that meditation can be a useful way for people to uncover their authentic selves but also find a sense of community while social distancing. She added that stress is a root cause of many diseases and can actually lower the immune system.

“When you’re in the constant fight-flight pattern, you’re releasing stress hormones and, over time, it’s like wearing down the breaks on your car,” Goldberg said. 

Goldberg also works with athletes and Olympic hopefuls on meditations and visualizations to improve their mental focus and their game. Bernstein and Goldberg reminisce about the late Kobe Bryant and his ability to meditate and find focus in locker rooms, on training tables, and in crowded stadiums. 

Listen to the full podcast here and try Breethe.

Healthcare workers (including mental health) should contact from their medical email address and/or send a photo of their professional badge to receive a free membership. 

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