Today in Sports History: April 21

In 1996, Dikembe Mutombo blocked 332 shots in 74 games for a 4.49 bpg average and became the first player to lead the league in blocks for three years in a row. Blocks officially became a statistic in the 1973-74 season. Mutombo is often considered one of the best defensive players ever to set foot on the court. He is a four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and an eight-time NBA All-Star. Mutombo was the fourth overall pick in the 1991 NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets. He spent four years with the Atlanta Hawks, then played a year each with the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Nets, and the New York Knicks. Mutombo ended his career with the Houston Rockets. He averaged 2.8 blocks and 10.3 rebounds per game throughout his 18 -season NBA career. Mutombo retired in 2009 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015.

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