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Welcome to Legends Of Sport! LOS is dedicated to celebrating legendary athletes, moments, teams, venues, personalities, and more. On this website, you can read articles about our podcast guests as well as our “Today in Sports History” blog. Even more Legends Of Sport content awaits on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!


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  1. i guess one good thing that has come out of this pandemic that has forced everyone to stay indoors is that it looks like it’s been easier for you to have more conversations (and therefore, more episodes!) with your fellow “legends of sport”! but im sure that you always wish to be talking to your friends in the industry face-to-face, eh? still, hats off to you for all the amazing episodes & guests you’ve had. looks like these days you’re equally adept not just with a camera, but with a microphone as well. #staysafe
    – @whatsupmarki

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