Brad Turner on the postponed Olympics and how he got started in sports journalism on the LOS Podcast

Andy and Brad Turner discuss the fallout from the novel Coronavirus pandemic and how they’re both keeping busy during a time without sports. 

“You have a routine that you go to – that routine has changed dramatically,” Turner said. “I just deal with it, this is the life we’re in now.”

For a reporter, that includes calling sources, checking on planning dinner parties with his roommates. Turner is a Los Angeles Times reporter who covers the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. 

Turner recounts growing up in Louisiana and his path into sports journalism. He worked at a friend’s bookstore then got a job at the Pasadena Gazette covering city hall, news, and eventually high school sports. 

A special favor from former Laker Michael Cooper helped him start covering the Lakers and Clippers for the LA Times and the rest is history. He has been at The Times since 2008 and was hired to help with coverage of the Lakers. He switched to the Clippers in 2011. 

Turner describes the current state of the “hallway rivalry” between the Lakers and Clipper and how he stays objective while reporting on the teams.

“I think the Lakers and Clippers right now are trending towards a rivalry. They’re two of the best in the NBA,” Turner said. “They’re in the same city, in the same building, and they both want the same thing – the NBA Championship.”

Finally, Brad shares his memories of the late Kobe Bryant.

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