Today in Sports History: November 20

By Veronica An

In 1977, Walter Payton played one of his most memorable games despite a 101-degree fever. The Chicago Bears beat the Minnesota Vikings 10-7 with Payton running 275 yards. Payton was selected fourth in the NFL’s 1975 draft by the Chicago Bears. He proved to be a valuable running back, winning the MVP award in 1977 and playing in Super Bowl XX. He played in the Pro Bowl nine times and had the most receptions by a non-receiver and eight career touchdown passes when he retired. Payton, nicknamed “Sweetness” is remembered for his stutter-step run, a high-stepping, irregularly paced run which he said gave him an advantage over faster players. Payton retired from the NFL in 1987 with 16,726 yards and 110 touchdowns.

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