Today in Sports History: November 18

By Veronica An

Jackie Robinson, famous for breaking the color barrier in major league baseball, became the first African American to win the MVP award in 1949. Despite opposing teams threatening to strike and animosity from fans, Robinson made history as a first baseman and later second baseman. He held a .980 fielding percentage, .296 batting average and stole 22 bases in the 1948-9 season. Robinson had three seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers and a 1947 Rookie of the Year award under his belt when he won MVP. The following season, he became the highest paid Dodger at $35,000. Robinson spend 10 seasons with the Dodgers (1947-56) and played in six World Series games. he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962 and the Brooklyn Dodgers retired his uniform number (42) in 1972.

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