Today in Sports History: October 30

By Veronica An

In 1954, the NBA adopted the now iconic 24-second shot clock. The number 24 was determined by Danny Biasone, owner of the Syracuse Nationals, who divided the game’s 48 minutes into 120. The league also limited each team to six fouls per quarter in and effort to speed up the games and discourage deliberate fouls, according to The league made this decision after a series of low-scoring games; the 19-18 game between the Fort Wayne Pistons and Minneapolis Lakers in 1950 was the lowest scoring game in NBA history. The 24-second shot clock rule states that one a team takes possession of the ball, they have 24 seconds to attempt a field goal. This change sped up the game considerably and was first used in a Rochester Royals versus Boston Celtics game which ended 98-95, in favor of the Royals. The next big change to the shot clock came in 2016 when the NBA unveiled a transparent-backed shot clock by Tissot which allowed fansa clearer view of the court and synced better with technology in the NBA Replay Center.

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