Today in Sports History: October 1

By Veronica An

October 1, 1994 marked the beginning of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) 104-day lockout. The strike began when NHL owners proposed a salary cap and payroll tax to help subsidize teams in weaker markets. The NHL Players’ Association was against these measures. Players walked off the ice until a deal was brokered on Jan. 11, 1995 with salary caps were instituted for rookie players and other concessions made to the owners. This disrupting the 1994 season and shortening it to just 48 games (instead of the usual 84) and pushing the opening date to Jan. 20, 1995. This lockout wasn’t the end of salary negotiations between players and owners, after this deal expired it led to the most 2004-5 NHL lockout which cancelled the entire hockey season.

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