Today in Sports History: August 4

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By Jonah Sharf

On August 4, 1993, what is widely considered the most legendary baseball brawl of all time occurred. After years of animosity between the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox, it all boiled over when all-time great pitcher Nolan Ryan hit third baseman Robin Ventura with a pitch. After contemplating for a split second, Ventura decided to charge the mound, and without a thought Ryan immediately got him in a headlock and pounded away at his head until the entirety of both teams’ dugouts and bullpens cleared and formed a massive dogpile in the middle of the field. Once all the dust had settled after the brawl, Ventura was ejected from the game, and Ryan surprisingly wasn’t. 25 years later, when asked about either player, the iconic image of Ryan holding Ventura in a headlock is what most will think of.


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